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Speaking Out: Our Unemployed Americans
TSB Is 3!
What Is Christmas All About?
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela - Madiba
A Commitment Is Required -

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Speaking Out: Our Unemployed Americans

Speaking Out:
Our Unemployed Americans
It is amazing to me how the people we voted into office to serve and protect our interest continue to bicker issues that could be resolved if they would seriously give consideration to their true purpose in office.
As I read an online article concerning our unemployed Americans posted by The New York Times, I became embarrassed to live in a country that would allow their constituents, who are fellow tax payers and viable human beings to enter into a

TSB Is 3!

TSB Is 3!
This is the third anniversary of! Three - a divine and powerful number is one that TSB meets with great expectation. With our Lord and Savior at the helm, we look forward to continuing to minister to the needs of Christian singles globally.
As TSB celebrates our third anniversary, the primary purpose of God’s plan is brought to mind – the furtherance of the Kingdom.  Considering the full spectrum of His plan, we ventured out into the fields and found some who had chosen to dedicate themselves to obedience and truly accept God’s call to work on complex field assignments.

What Is Christmas All About?

What Is Christmas All About?
What is Christmas all about? Initially, its purpose was certainly not about the commercialized aspects of spending or beautiful light displays. Unless of course you consider that one brilliant star that the Wise Men followed on the night that Jesus the Christ was born.
For many, Christmas is peace, love, contentment, joy - all the emotions that encompass that indescribable euphoric feeling found in a major portion of the world that spark elements of gifting.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela - Madiba

Honoring the Life of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela -"Madiba"
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela "Madiba" - A man who led a remarkable life as a prophet, a political icon, and an international symbol for human rights who fought fervently against racism. He was often referred to as His Excellency, President of Morality, Father of a Nation, and with much affection - "Madiba".
"Madiba"- Born into the Madiba clan on July 18, 1918, into the Thembu royal family of Nonqaphi Nosekeni and Nkosi Mphakanyiswa Gadla Mandela.

A Commitment Is Required -

"A Commitment Is Required - Playtime Is Over"
All too often we find ourselves in what we deem to be "meaningful relationships", and yet one party in the relationship is reluctant to commit. - - Afraid to fully embark in a journey with another being who is supposedly close to his or her heart. - - Reluctant to leave the solidarity of his or her life and embrace the combination of two hearts that shall one day beat as one. In order to complete the love that God has ordained my brothers and sisters,

"Notes From Around The Globe"

"Notes From Around the Globe"
It is such a pleasure to hear from my readers from around the globe! It truly makes my heart dance!I have enjoyed the pleasure of sharing with those of you not only in America, but in Australia, Russia, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Ireland, Indonesia, Canada, Romania, Greenland, Italy, Brazil, Iceland, Latvia, South Africa, Viet Nam, Nigeria, Lithuania, Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Ukraine, Norway - - the lists goes on and on!

The Big League!

"Miles Williams Makes It To The Big League"
Parental love and support is an important element in developing the dreams of young people.
God has certainly blessed an outstanding athlete, Miles Williams of Winsdor, CA, with amazing parental guidance, love and support. Because his parents, Walter and Marilyn Williams, recognized and nurtured his talents, Miles remained focused on his targeted plan to become a major league baseball player.
His tenacity paid off in June 2013 when he had the opportunity of a lifetime offered to him - In his first year of eligibility at Cal State Northridge, he was selected in the 15th round of the MLB Draft by the Miami Marlins.

"My Golden Time of Day"

"My Golden Time of Day"
There are two times each year that I assess myself to identify my life's accomplishments - in January and on my birthday. As my birthday approaches my mind is filled with wonder, expectation and determination. You see, I've recently been dealt a hand that I must carefully play and the positive outcome shall be because of God's amazing grace.
I know that my steps are ordered and I definitely know the source of my guidance - - so when I sat down for reassessment, I invited the heaviest "Guns" I could think of to commune, guide, comfort and protect me - God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

"Jesus Came"

[Original Post: December 25, 2012]
Oh what a blessed morning this is - Glory to His name!
I can only imagine the joy that the Wise men encountered as they looked upon the sweet face of Jesus. Personally, I know that when I see a baby - I experience a feeling of joy from within my soul. I can only imagine how they felt as they gazed upon His face. To be chosen to have a part in God's plan is truly an honor, whatever the plan may be. To have a partin the very beginning

Happy Second Anniversary TSB

Happy Second Anniversary TSB
"He LivesWithin My Heart"
 Anniversaries and birthdays come once a year, but God lives continuously within my heart. On December 30, 2012, "" will celebrate with God, our second anniversary. Praises to the Lord!
I am so very glad that He chose me to do His will. I am so very glad that He gave me the strength to carry on. I am so very glad that through trials, I can continue and accept the changes that are placed upon my shoulders.

"My Nth Degree Confession"

"My Nth Degree Confession"
For years I wanted to publish a Christian magazine. My magazine (wearing the same name as this website) had been ready for print for some time, however, it never came to fruition because of the publishing cost. But one Decembernight in 2010 at 9:00 p.m., God spoke to me and provided instructions to develop a "web publication" of my magazine, "".
Clearly,He instructed me to take the articles from the magazine and place them on the website.

Christian Single Relationships

Break The Cycle – Let It Go!
I’m not a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist, but someone has to say it – when you’re in an unhealthy relationship, let it go!
This article isn’t for everyone.I certainly applaud those of you who are in happy, healthy relationships. It’s not for the couple that just had a disagreement over whether the toilet paper roll should be placed over or under. It is meant to bring attention to those individuals – both male and female – who are caught up in situations that you “know” are not good for you and yet you hang on.

“I Heard A Sermon”

I heard a sermon that I needed in the summer of 2000 - “Three Steps and You're Out”. 
The sermon was all about our personal ruts and how to get out of them.  The minister’s text was taken fromIsaiah 43:18-21.  As he taught, he instructed the congregation to forget the former things, giving no consideration to the old things. 
Further, he expounded from the text, to accept the new things and above all, give God all the praise he so richly deserves.
The minister then provided 3 steps to aid in the climb out of our personal ruts, whatever they may be.

A Few Who Love

"A Few Who Love"
I believe that the closer the person is to you – the greater the love and possibly the hurt; the more you trust – the more you love and possibly hurt. Into your life a few will come who you can trust. Others enter through portals only to alter your path. Only a few will ever truly love you.
What exactly is love? Webster defines love in several aspects: An intense affection for another person based on personal or familial ties; a feeling of kindness toward others; God’s mercy and benevolence toward humans; or better yet, humankind’s devotion to or adoration of God.

Happy Anniversary

God Continues to Bless Us -
Oneyearago on December 30th at 5:20 a.m., God blessed me with website.
The publication of the site surpassed my expectations and quickly reached not only those in the United States, but individuals located in several countries abroad. Although I had been told that this was to be a global ministry, I never expected it to happen so quickly.
This year through the site I have reconnected with many of my friends, only to find them strong in the Lord.

Will You Be Able To Vote In 2012?

Will You Be Able To Vote In 2012?
"Be Prepared – Know Where You Stand"
On January 1, 2012, the voting laws in Tennessee will change. Several other states have adopted changes in their voting laws as well that will affect the upcoming presidential election in 2012. audience in the United States is vast and reaches from coast to coast.
We urge you to please research the voting laws in your state to determine if there has been a change that will affect your voting population.

Promises Kept

"Promises Kept" - WashingtonIt is amazing that no matter what one might do, someone will find fault.
Today, November 11, 2011, on the eleventh hour of the day, the President of the United States visited Arlington National Cemetery and restated his October 21 announcement that all troops in Iraq will be coming home by the end of the year.  He further stated that we are also transitioning for the return of those troops serving in Afghanistan.
The response from the general population of the October announcement was complete joy!

A Poem Of Comfort

Comfort in His Word.
Comfort in His grace and mercy.
Comfort forever in His loving arms.
For the love of God is everlasting – Found in the hearts of peculiar men.
Will you not find peace in the Lord?
Will you not accept the comfort of His love?
How does a man find comfort, if he is not at peace with God?
Praise the Lord O my soul.  Yea, I will praise Him all the days of my life. Selah. - Publisher
Divinely inspired to be written by the publisher

Teaching Anna The Tithing Principles

“Return unto me and I will return unto you…”  Malachi 3:7 - Anna 2yrsLittleAnna is my first granddaughter and consistently fills my life with love and joy.  Anna and her “Mimi” (as I am called) have always had our “special time” together.  Usually, it’s cooking (Anna likes to stir) or giving ourselves manicures, shopping atWal-Mart or attending church.
"My Little Anna"
Anna started to attend church with me when she was a baby.  Later on, when she started to walk, it was placed on my heart to teach her the basic principle of giving.

I Heard A Sermon -

 "Living in the Will of God"
Sometime ago I was forwarded an e-mail from one of my daughters concerning living in God’s will.  Ironically, my Sunday School lesson was based on the same scripture,Philippians 4:12. - His WordThe scripture revealed that Paul, a faithful Christian, was imprisoned when he wrote this particular letter to the Church at Philippi, explaining his learned contentment to enjoy life in spite of imposed circumstances.  In Paul’s letter, he explains that he had learned how to be abased - living a simple life with simple taste - as well as living life abundantly.

Jim and Norma: Second Chances - red rose signfies loveThe Word of God is filled with numerous accounts of second chances.  And yet today we continue to have the privilege of experiencing God’s amazing grace as He blesses us with second chances in our lives.
Jim and Norma met for a short period of time when they were in the third grade.  Over 40 years later, they met once again.  Both had endured the death of a loving spouse and often reflected on times past.  You see, when the time was right God provided a second chance for them to find love and comfort in each other.

Blessings From My Friends - Message from my friends
I have been truly blessed with notes from friends far and near who have been instrumental in this journey. To all that have written - you have truly made my heart dance!  Words are precious and yours are priceless to me.  Thanks a million for writing and encouraging me. To my prayer partners - thanks so much.  I appreciate you keeping me lifted in prayer and your constant encouragement. Here are a few of the e-mails that I want to share with you.  Again, thanks guys!

Super Bowl Sunday - John 3:16 Message of Hope Banned

Super Bowl Sunday -
John 3:16 Message of Hope Banned - Christians and footballWhile many football fans are concerned with the preparation of food and the outcome of the Super Bowl game on Sunday, God has once again been pushed aside. 
A proposed John 3:16 Super Bowl commercial was allegedly banned due to its religious content. 
The commercial starts out with a group of friends watching the game.  After a terrific play, the camera turns its attention to a player with John 3:16 written underneath his eyes.

Celebrate Your Singleness

Celebrate Your Singleness - Celebrate the New YearSingleness is not a second-hand way of life -  Celebrate your singleness!  Come to terms with being single and learn to appreciate the value of your single life. 
What is God’s view of singleness?
I know for sure that He calls some of us to remain single for a life time and some for a season.  I certainly know that we are His treasured possessions and that we are invaluable to the advancement of His kingdom. How do I know that?  Take a quick look at John the Baptist and Paul, the well-known disciple of Christ.

Hmmm - Remember...Just going to church doesn't make you a
Christian any more than standing in your garage makes you a car!
“Narrow is the way . . . .”

Marriage: In Your Heart and in Your Mind - love and marriageAlthough we are in our present state of singleness, most of us look forward to being blessed with the perfect mate that God has chosen for us.   Johnny Cochran’s tag line was - - preparation, preparation, preparation. Keeping that in mind, rest assured that while you wait, God is preparing you for your perfect mate - - just as He is preparing your mate for you.
The Word of God speaks of Adam and the "birth" of his mate in Genesis 2:18 -"And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone, I will make him a help meet for him.


Remember to Praise Him in the Midst of Your Troubles - PeaceChristians - whether young or old, married or single, male or female will be troubled from time to time.  The test is how we weather the storm.  Do you withdraw, retreat and fill your heart and mind with worry?  At times we do.  But the real key to being triumphant while in the valley is to remember to praise Him in the midst of your troubles.  
My heart was troubled this evening and as I worked diligently to remedy the situation, I remembered to give it to God.  I recalled a promise I made to stay on the path that He had laid for me and I would step aside when the darts developed.

Obedience Leads to a Perfect Plan - celebrateFor as long as I can remember, each new year has found me reviewing the past 12 months, developing a plan for the next 12 months, and somewhere within the next 4 months I gain a new interest (generally yard work)!   Well, needless to say, in 2011 I’m not hanging on to that tradition.
Life - at times - is overwhelming and can certainly, depending upon your frame of reference, be unfair.  From a personal stand point, life drives me.  At this point in my life, I tend to be focused on what I should do as a Christian single, and more often than not, I’m focused on what I should do as a strong Christian woman.

Forgiveness and Reconciliation John 4:1 – 26

My Pastor, Dr. L. M. Gray, Jr., once said that “if you really want to be blessed, just put your arms around the Word of God.” - His Word
According to Webster, forgiveness is to pardon an offense or fault of another; or to renounce anger or resentment against another person.  Reconciliation is defined as the re-establishment of a friendship with another; or bringing oneself into acceptance.  Both of these attributes should certainly be priorities among Christians.
There was a powerful lesson taught when Jesus met the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well.