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TSB Prayer Notes

Lead Me, Guide Me . . . .

Hallelujah - we praise your holy name.

Father, we come to you seeking guidance and comfort. We glorify your holy name and thank you for sheltering us in our times of need.

We ask that you forgive us of our sins- - whether knowing or unknowing - - we seek your forgiving mercy. Following your direction Lord, we collectively ask a special prayer for those individuals who have heavy hearts.

For our sick, we pray for perfect medical attention and a swift recovery. As a special request, lay your hand on Mrs. Copeland, Sacramento, CA, let her know of your healing powers. Speak to the family, let them feel your presence. We further ask that cancer, diabetes, arthritis, strokes, heart attacks, broken bones, eating disorders, headaches, heartaches and any other ailments not mentioned, are all bound and cast away.

Concerning our bereaved, Father we ask that you wrap your loving arms around them, lending special attention to many of my brothers and sisters in Christ who have lost loved ones. While we know that there is rejoicing in heaven, the human heart aches. We ask for guidance through this experience of temporary separation and a measure of love that is needed to endure their loss.

Lord, we further touch and agree, praying for the homeless and those individuals seeking employment both far and near. Comfort the homeless Father, hold them close and present them with the necessary provisions that they desire. In your Son's name we ask for housing, employment and a productive return to the community. Show us your power Lord, bless them in a mighty way. We also touch and agree, praying for individuals that have lost their jobs and are seeking employment during these trying times. We pray a mighty increase in their lives Lord. We ask that you see to their needs quickly Father, as there may be an immediate situation at hand. Because of our obedience in relying on your Word, we ask that you comfort, protect and provide for these individuals.

Father, we also ask that you speak a word to those who are in need of further direction. Bless us Lord with a renewed spirit and a clear definition of your desires for our lives. Just as you provided a clear and precise blueprint for Noah, Father we are waiting with patience, for further instruction from you.

Father, we also ask that you continue to bless our country and provide protection for the little ones in our communities. Embrace the children and their parents, speaking to their hearts. Not only is there a great need for better parenting, but also a need for improved Christian behavior and values among our youth.

A special blessing of protection is also asked for all of our military men and women, especially those who are stationed on foreign soil while serving our country. Please cover them with your powerful shield of protection and see them safely home.

Father we also ask that you bless our President, Barack Obama, and his efforts to improve the diminished lives of individuals caused by the greed of a few. Thank you for your guidance and final decisions. For we know that God's Plan always comes to fruition. Protect our first family Father, and bestow upon them a continued servant's attitude, traveling safety and good health.

And finally Father, for those who read this prayer I pray that they seek you individually and find favor. I pray that they are blessed as you see fit and that they honor you in return for their blessings. Bring peace and joy into their lives and fill their homes and hearts with love one for another. Bless them Lord. In the name of Jesus, let every heart say, Amen.

Prayer is powerful -

Please join us as we pray for one another.

Whatever your concern, rest assured that God is here to comfort you. You are not alone in your singleness. Please enter your information, as much or as little as you choose -- the important thing is to let us know your prayer concern. It will be mentioned so that others may join us in praying for you. 

Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16

“Narrow is the way . . . .”

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